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Beau the Boxer's First Day at School

Beau the Boxer's First Day at School

Written By Michelle Wilson, M.A., Special Education
Illustrations By Zack Wilson

It’s Beau the Boxer’s first day at a new school. When Beau meets his new friends, he learns that they are all different. Some of his friends are better at Hide and Seek, some are better at going through obstacle courses, and some are better at chasing birds and squirrels. Beau must find something that they can all do together, so that no one is left out.

Join Beau and his friends as they learn that making everyone feel included can be fun.

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About the Author

Michelle Wilson is a twenty-year teacher veteran with a Master of Art in Special Education who now advocates for students as a Section 504 coordinator. Michelle loves to read, even sometimes at the expense of sleep, and has always encouraged reading to children starting at a very young age. Since she helped a Partners PE class back in High School, Michelle's other passion has been to promote the inclusion of students with differing needs. Michelle grew up in the New Orleans area but now lives in north DFW with her illustrator husband, adult children and their spouses, and five amazing grandchildren who love books.

For more information, follow her at, on Facebook at Samandjac Publishing, and Instagram @samandjacbooks.

What readers are saying

Angelle Sullivan

former Special Education Itinerant Aide

We added a new book to Cay's shelf tonight! I can honestly say that both Eli(9) & Cay (2) LOVED it.

Natalie Stewart

former Kindergarten teacher

Y’all!! [Michelle Wilson] is one of the BEST educators I’ve ever worked with! Her knowledge is just out of this world! AND she’s using her skills to start writing children’s books!! She brought us a copy and it is just so good!! It’s about a dog who meets other dogs with different abilities. He quickly realizes that everyone isn’t able to play in the same ways, so he works to find a game that they can ALL play together! Is that not a message our youth need right now!?! This would be a great book for a class meeting!!

Kelly Straub

Elementary Teacher

I just received the copy of your new book- I ordered immediately!! It is wonderful and so clearly written by a kind and caring teacher. Thanks for writing one I can easily put in my stash of read alouds. Well done and congratulations!!!

Kristen Clement

Special Education Teacher

This is such a wonderful and fun children’s book to help teach kids about kindness and inclusion. As a teacher, this book is an amazing addition to my classroom library! All of my students loved the illustrations and the story! They are already asking for more “Beau” books!

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